Deer Hunting Tips

Although the whitetail deer season has been open in many wildlife management units since October 1 for bow, the rifle season is fast approaching  on November 6  to November 18. As the bush begins to fill up with experienced whitetail enthusiasts and many beginners, I would like to offer up a few reminders and tips to help you target that monster buck! Whether you still-hunt, hunt from a stand, or hunt in a blind, these tips will surely help.

Scent Control – Always be sure to spray down with any of the scent killers on the market to cover up human scents.

Stay Motionless – Try to move slow as whitetails have excellent sight.

Play the Wind – Always locate downwind; a deer’s sense of smell is second to none.

Rattle/Grunt – A grunt tube or rattle bag can sometimes get that buck closer.

Stay Silent – Avoid unnatural sounds and be sure your equipment is silent.

Rubs/Scrapes – Only hunt areas with signs of rubs/scrapes, beds, or game trails. Otherwise, you’re wasting precious time.

Feed and Beds – Like humans, deer have to rest and eat, so if you can find a spot between the kitchen and the bedroom, you will largely increase your chances. Often, mineral attractants (and there are a ton of them), hay with alfalfa, or apples can help.

Edge – Deer are creatures of edge, which means they love clear-cut edges and vegetation transition zones, so if you can find this, hunt it.

Droppings – This suggests a feeding area.

I hope this helps, and good luck in the field! – Blue

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