Ice Fishing Safety


In Northern Ontario, many avid fishermen await the opening day of trout fishing on January 1st. Winter trout fishing usually produces some very nice catches and allows people to access lakes that may not be accessible in the summer. If you can deal with the frigid temperatures and cold winds you have a good chance of plating some great meals.

Before heading out to your favourite lake always be sure the ice is safe. It is always a good idea to check your local fishing regulations as changes may occur to limits, slot sizes or seasons. It is also very wise to check your fishing license and make sure it is up to date or valid. Many of us purchase 3-year licenses and forget the expiry dates.

In terms of safe ice, here’s a guideline, however, always remember that just because one area of the lake has lots of ice does not mean the whole lake is safe. It is always a good idea to check the ice constantly on your first outing to prevent any accidents. Good luck and stay safe!

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