Meet Brian

Meet Brian Wrixon – a past resident who will always call Levack home. You may remember Brian from the beautiful poem he wrote and recited at the Heritage Homecoming event this past summer. The poem, in which Brian says came from the heart, honoured the community of Onaping Falls and the people who live here – past and present.

“It was an honour to be asked to write something for the event, but it was a struggle emotionally to try and recite it on that special day,” said Brian. “I am told that it is posted in the library for all to see and that indeed is really something for me to know.”

Brian first came to Levack in 1948 with his family when his father was signed on with Inco. Twenty-one years later, he moved to Sudbury to study at Laurentian University but continued to work at Coleman and Levack Mine during his summers. Brian’s entire career was spent working in the insurance and investment business where he retired as the Vice President of one of the largest financial services companies in Canada.

Since retirement, Brian has been writing poetry, short stories, novels, memoirs and plays and is a registered publisher. In addition to 25 of his own books, he has published about 150 others. Those who are interested in his work here.

Today, Brian is living in Burlington, Ontario where he regularly helps in his community. Over the last few years, he has enjoyed travelling to places like India and Mongolia and is looking forward to a trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco with his oldest grandson next year.

“My favourite thing about the Onaping Falls Community is that it is a true community. When you can be away from a place for 50 years and come back and feel like you’ve never left, that is the true definition of community.”

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