Meet The Onaping Falls News Staff


Having such fond memories of the Onaping Falls News from years back, I had this great idea to bring it back to life after Don Henwood retired, our tireless editor of the ORACLE.
It has been a fun adventure getting to reconnect with friends I grew up with and haven’t seen in many years – the support has been wonderful! It has been a fun and youthful venture. But this venture is not alone, and at this time it is a bit of a ‘family affair’. Without the help of our writers, the paper might just be boring.

My nephew, Sean Gray Jr, was born and raised in Onaping. An avid outdoorsman, he writes the articles for Blue’s Outdoor World. The nickname Blue came to him via his cousin Kory because Sean used to drive an old blue truck. Kory called him ‘Blue Gray’ (if my memory serves me well.) Sean is the grandson of May and Don Gray from Levack and the late Johnny and Fay Gordon of Onaping.

My niece, by marriage, Kyleen Gray, is an avid writer who creates The Learning Curve, a monthly article you can find in the School News section of the paper. Kyleen’s father, Ken Sonoski, was a police officer in the township of Onaping Falls back in the 70s. As a school teacher, she has a very modern teaching approach to her high school students. You can follow Kyleen’s blog at

My grand-niece, Samantha Brazeau-Wilson, is also an avid writer and blogger and is a wizard at social media maneuvers. Samantha writes the article Home Sweet Home for the Onaping Falls News. She is the granddaughter of Norman and Yvonne Brazeau of Levack and the late Bruce and Debbie Wilson of Onaping. Sam is very creative and artistic. She owns a business called Birch Jewellery and designs wonderful pieces inspired by nature. Check out Samantha’s website for some very unique pieces!

My great grand-niece, Arianna Thibodeau creates the monthly ‘Kids Korner.’ She is a very enthusiastic 10-year-old with creativity and kindness in her soul. She is the granddaughter of Paul and Donna Thibodeau, great-granddaughter to the late Maurice and Keen Thibodeau and the late Johnny and Fay Gordon. If you were lucky enough to attend our Winter Carnival this year, you would have seen Arianna running the Slime Lab. She spent weeks leading up to the Carnival making posters and creating a safe recipe for our Slime.

She is not family but I have known her my whole life and she has been an encouraging light. Melinda Mott shares a ‘moment’ each month with us. I asked her to do this because throughout my life she has always been inspirational in her little quips and sayings and I appreciate her for that. Melinda lived down the street on Fraser and raised three beautiful girls whom I remain friends with today. Jana and Cori still live in Onaping Falls and Marti lives down in Stittsville. Thank you, Melinda, for your monthly contribution.

And then there is me! Dolly Gordon-Andrews. I grew up at 5 Fraser Avenue in Onaping. I had the best childhood in the best town ever. I loved that we could run the streets until the street lights came on and that when you were up to mischief someone knew who you were and would pick up the phone and call your parents, or better yet just yell out the window “Dolly Gordon…you get home!” These are my memories. I love my old hometown and I thoroughly enjoy producing the Onaping Falls News. I have also been active with the Onaping Falls Recreation Committee, bringing fun activities to the community. I am the youngest of seven: Debbie, Stewy, Timmy, Darlene, Donna, Leonard and Dolly. The magnificent seven!. Johnny or J.T., as he was known by many, and Fay Gordon were my folks. I write the ‘Shop Local’ article and the Community Heart and Soul article, and of course piece the paper together the best I can.

If you are wondering why I am sharing who my parents were or who someone’s grandparents are it is just to share the connection to the community. Our Onaping Falls News family is all related to our community! But you don’t have to be related to me if you would like to volunteer by writing an article, track down advertisers, or deliver the paper. We would love to have you and ideas are always welcome! Feel free to contact me.