Avoid Holiday Stress with These Tips


The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time filled with giving, eating, celebrating and making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Who could ask for a better season?

It does seem, however, that over the past decade or so, this time of year and all of the busy-ness that comes with it, has created higher levels of stress for many. How can we give to others if we have nothing left to pour from our own cup?

It’s especially important to take a moment for ourselves, to decompress and reset to continue appreciating the beauty of the holidays. Studies consistently show a direct link between exercise and stress reduction.

So, if you’re feeling particularly anxious one evening, why not call up a few friends, prepare a warm beverage and head out for a nice evening stroll in your neighbourhood to check out the holiday lights?

This is especially effective to unwind on a mild night after a fresh layer of snow has blanketed the yards, bringing the brightness of the lights to full effect. It makes for an inexpensive, calming and relaxing evening. Plus, you’re getting in a bit of exercise!

Enjoy your leisurely strolls this December and Happy Holidays to all!