Benefits of Starting Your Own Garden


Summer can bring many things: days on the beach, camping, holidays. For others, it’s a time their seasonal hobbies can once again come to fruition — like gardening.

There are so many health benefits of tending to your own fruits and vegetables. Not only does it minimizes our carbon footprint, as it permits us to obtain our produce merely a few feet away from our homes, but the fruits and vegetables we yield are healthier than their store-bought counterparts.

You can pick them at their peak ripeness, which means they will have the highest amount of vitamins and nutrients. You also have the advantage of knowing exactly what you put in your soil and how they were cared for, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Backyard gardens are also great for the environment — especially for our beloved endangered friends the bees. If a full garden seems a little intimidating, try a few potted plants of tomatoes, peppers or lettuce to start.

For something even easier, start off with a few herbs like basil or thyme. Most herbs are very low maintenance and add the perfect pop of freshness to your culinary endeavours.

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