Why you should add berries to your diet


As August around, berries are still in their peak season. Raspberries have recently made their appearance and blueberries are in full swing at this time of year. Not only are these seasonal fruits incredibly tasty (and addictive), they also have a multiplicity of health benefits.

Berries are rich in vitamins and nutrients, high in fibre and antioxidants, and are known to have many cancer-fighting properties. A daily intake of these anti-inflammatory fruits have also proven to lower blood pressure and increase levels of “good” cholesterol.

Luckily for us, many of these fruits can be found throughout our community. If you’re looking for a family bonding idea this month, why not pack a picnic and spend the afternoon picking wild blueberries together?

Patches of this summer favourite are found just about everywhere in Onaping Falls. Just a quick tip: Don’t forget to pack a bear whistle as these particular animals love this fruit as well!

Here’s an easy recipe for a quick and healthy breakfast:

Mix together 1 cup of Greek yogurt, ½ cup of berries of choice (such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries), ½ cup of rolled oats, 1 tbsp of honey, and ½ tsp of cinnamon. This breakfast is rich in protein, which will give you plenty of energy to start your day!

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