De-clutter for the New Year


Monthly DIYs, home hacks, and organizing tips.

The new year brings many opportunities to start fresh — including your home. De-cluttering your space will allow you to make room for new things and give you some extra breathing room.

Start small – Recycle old magazines, throw out old makeup and beauty products (these things have expiration dates) and create a donate pile for items like books, housewares and clothing.

Organize power cords – Keep your power bar organized by labelling the cords with milk or bread tab! Simply use a black marker to label the tab (ex. Laptop, alarm clock, lamp). Attach the tab to the cord, and you’ll know exactly what is plugged in and won’t risk unplugging the wrong thing!

Eliminate household odours – Stinky garbage? Smelly shoes? Add a couple drops of tea tree and lemon essential oils to eliminate the stink. The two oils act together as a natural odour eliminator and disinfectant. For garbage cans, add the oil to a cotton swab before dropping into the bottom of the bin.

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