Four Ways to Prepare for Spring


Monthly DIYs, home hacks, and organizing tips.

Be Earth-Friendly

April 22 is Earth Day. A day where we’re reminded to be caring towards the environment and to continue our eco-friendly habits all year round. While many students will be picking up litter in their schoolyards, you can adapt this in your neighbourhood by grabbing a trash bag and gloves and picking up any garbage the snow has uncovered. Every little effort helps to keep our community clean.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Can you remember the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors? If it’s been a while, spring is the perfect time to grab your step stool and make sure your alarms have fresh batteries and are in working order. If you have carbon monoxide detectors, make sure they’re working, too.

Clean Your Windows

As the temperature slowly rises, you’ll soon want to crack open your windows and air out your home. Before you do this, run a lint roller along the inside and outside of the screens to remove dust and debris that’s collected over winter. Spritzing your windows with a mixture of vinegar, Dawn soap, rubbing alcohol and water will also keep them crystal clear and bring in more light – streak free!

Feed The Birds

Putting out a spring bird feeder will bring new feathered friends to your backyard. As the birds come back from their long migration, natural sources of food like insects and plant seeds may not be available yet so helping them reenergize with a clean mixture of seeds ensures they’ll stay healthy and strong.