Holiday DIYs


Monthly DIYs, home hacks, and organizing tips.

I’ve always been a fan of finding unique ways to organize and decorate my home. Whether it’s creating a floor to ceiling mural made from pictures and quotes cut out of magazines or painting
my room three different colours as a kid, I’ve always been a fan of DIY and making my space feel like my own. Starting this month, I’m passing on my creative home ideas to you in my new column, Home Sweet Home.

DIY Festive Room Scent
If you’re hosting a holiday party or having the family over for Christmas dinner, freshen up your
home with a festive simmer pot! Fill a saucepan with a few cups of water and add in cinnamon
sticks, sliced apples and cranberries. Let it simmer on the stove and let the smell fill your home.

Recycled Christmas Cards
Do you have a shoe box filled with old Christmas cards you’ve been collecting for years?
Repurpose them into holiday greetings to send to family and friends. Take construction paper
and fold in half then stick different cut out shapes and quotes from your favourite cards.

Christmas Decoration Storage
Once you’re ready to tuck away the Christmas tree for another year, store your Christmas balls
and fragile decorations in empty egg carton. The small cups keep the decorations from touching
and safe from breaking.

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