Morning Rituals You Should Try This Month


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Mornings can be tough. Your alarm sounds at the break of dawn, and you hit snooze. Once you find the energy to drag yourself out of bed, you rush to get out the door. You feel groggy all day and struggle to stay awake. Is it the end of the day yet?

Mornings don’t have to suck. Here are some easy morning rituals that will boost your mood.

Do some light stretching or meditation

Whether you’re on a yoga mat or still in bed, starting your day off with some light stretching or meditation can help your body, mind, and soul feel energized. You can follow a routine or keep it interesting by starting with something new each day.

Make your bed

It might sound simple, but making your bed in the morning is a great way to boost productivity. You’re completing a task before you’ve even started your day; giving you a feeling of accomplishment that will inspire you all day long.

Sit down for breakfast

How many times have you grabbed a half-toasted bagel and a banana while you’re running out the door, or opted for the fast food drive-thru for breakfast? Probably more than you’d like to admit. Taking an extra ten minutes to sit down and enjoy your breakfast (even if it’s still that half-toasted bagel) is a lot better than eating junk — or nothing at all.