David Taylor brings the Stanley Cup to meet his hometown

After more than four decades in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a player and manager, Levack native Dave Taylor brought the Stanley Cup to his hometown. David’s team, the St. Louis Blues, won the Stanley Cup playoffs and with true hometown heart, David brought the Cup home to meet his friends and relatives.

On July 11, 2019, the I.J. Coady Memorial Arena in Levack was flooded with local hockey fans for an opportunity to congratulate Dave and touch the Stanley Cup. The excitement in the faces of young and old was wonderful to see. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Dave has been with the National Hockey League (NHL) for 42 years and never had the opportunity to touch the Stanley Cup. He stood by this superstition until June 12, 2019, when the Blues beat the Bruins 4-1 for their first-ever Stanley Cup win.

As the Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Blues, Dave was granted the opportunity to bring the cup to his hometown. Dave’s brother, Mark, worked very hard getting the arena in tip-top shape for the event. The arena looked awesome!

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