Onaping Falls Kid’s Soccer Is Back!

Our community has been blessed with wonderful volunteers! These volunteers step up to the plate (or soccer ball in this case) and see to it that activities like kid’s soccer are organized and run smoothly for families.

After two years of shit down, due to the pandemic, you can come out every Monday and Wednesday from 6 PM to 8 PM to the fields behind Larchwood Public School in Dowling to watch the little tykes play soccer. Ages range from 4 to 14 years old.

Registration opened in April, and within hours, there were hundreds of kids signed up. Parents are excited to get their kids out and playing organized sports!

The program is sponsored by Tim Hortons and the younger teams are called Tim Bits. Each player gets a shirt, shorts and socks. Our Soccer Club charged $40 per child whereas other communities charge upwards of $125 per child.

Thank you to Jessica Draper (super mom of two boys) for organizing the club this year, and to Kate Moir, Vicky Fletcher and Jodee Desbiens for all of your hard work getting the teams up and running!