Onaping Oldtimers Hockey: Part 2


After running the Levack/Onaping Winter Carnival for 15 years, our group was happy to turn it over to the dedicated Onaping Falls Recreation Committee in 2015.

The program we enjoyed was getting families to enjoy outdoor events at a minimal cost. We thank the Onaping Falls Curling Club for offering their facilities by serving a delicious pancake breakfast, allowing the children to try their hand at curling and also to Lafontagne Farms for their horse-drawn sleigh rides.

The arena staff, under the direction of Mark Taylor, are appreciated for maintaining the arena facilities. From 2000 to 2019, the team is still going strong with local men.

The Bluebird Tavern, with hosts Shirley and Harry, is still involved in our program. Early recruits, Fred Law, Walter Sarazin, Lawrence Thibodeau, Dave Spicer, Clint Piette, Kelly Taylor, Dave Berbier, Mitch Mirka, Bo Lappan, Richard Eady, Erin O’Connor, Tim O’Connor, Fred Burns, Dave Bishop, Chad Thibodeau, Don Genereux, Mike Belanger, Dave Pardy, Tom Semadeni, Doug Koroscil, Bobo Demers, Brent Farrow, Karl Bubalo, John Wrixon, Danny Hull, Doug Parenteau and Glenn Eady.

As the years progressed we picked up new recruits Rob Demers, Mike Deziel, Byron House, Jim Laberge, Wally McCarthy, Chris Kiernan, Peter Dexter, Darren Romain, Dave Spicer Jr., Jim Golden, Billy Mills, Aaron Ayotte, Graham Wilson, Billy Yarkie, Mark Turcotte, David Belec, Ben Demore, Todd Deslauriers and John McDonald.

We originally hired Dr. Dwight Moulin and Dr. Andrew Pike to play and look after any injuries, but to date, none occurred, therefore, they left town to practise medicine elsewhere.

The Red/Green Tradition is ongoing as we await the 2020 season.

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