St. Bartholomew’s in need of volunteers and donations for funeral meals

St. Bartholomew Parish is in need of volunteers and donations for funeral luncheons. We would like to resume offering funeral lunches, provided we have volunteers and people willing to donate sandwiches and baking.

Our contact list is from 2009 when we did the census and is no longer functional. Many people have left the area and some may not be in a position to help out any longer.

If you can volunteer your time to help or donate a loaf of sandwiches or baking, it would be greatly appreciated. If you are already on the list, please call to confirm that you would like to remain on the list.

This service is offered free of charge to families that request a funeral luncheon. Without your donations of food or assistance, this service would not be possible.

If you have the means to help us out, please call the office at 705-966-3762 or email