Volunteers Needed: New Projects Coming to Onaping Falls

The Onaping Falls Community Action Network (OFCAN) in conjunction with the Greater City of Sudbury, is considering the following new projects for Levack, Onaping, and Dowling and is seeking volunteers.

  • Community garden (edible or floral)
  • Community bike path(s)
  • Dog park(s)
  • Greater Sudbury Community Centre user fee cost parity
  • Basic computer skills training
  • Community park benches
  • Senior rapport (fall avoidance seminars, etc.)
  • Community garage sale
  • Community beautification committee

If any of these projects appeal to you and you would like to assist in making them happen, please contact Michael Armstrong at 705-966-2767 or email OFCAN at onapingfallscan@gmail.com.

If you have another project in mind that could help improve the Onaping Falls community, please bring forward your suggestions to OFCAN — they can hep make it happen by providing liaison with appropriate city officials, help arrange release of city resources, and can help arrange funding.

However, please note: without volunteers, projects will be shelve until resources become available, so if you are interested in getting involved, please let OFCAN know.