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What are Community Action Networks (CAN)?

Community Action Networks bring people together to build a Healthy Community.  Healthy Communities are strong and vibrant.  They emerge from the collaborative efforts of citizens who care about where they live and want to make their neighbourhoods the best they can possibly be.  Community Action Networks provide resources to make this happen.

“People have collective needs and concerns.  Instead of saying ‘why doesn’t the government do something’, when a problem arises, they are as likely to say ‘what are we going to do?'”
(P. 356 Tindal, Local government in Canada)

The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes the following benefits in establishing and supporting Community Action Networks:

CANs enhance the overall quality of life in Greater Sudbury in social, environmental, and economic sectors.

CANs enable citizens to participate, appreciate, and fully understand the services offered by community organizations and groups.

CANs help to identify community needs and establish co-operative working relationships.

CANs promote democracy and inclusiveness by giving participants (community members, City Council, and City staff) a unique vehicle to work in harmony toward common goals.

CANs provide a mechanism for planning at the community level by identifying the different projects with which individual Community Action Networks will be involved.

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