Quick tips to treat your child’s chapped skin


Chapped face season is here! For kids, a chapped nose and lips can be painful during the winter months. Now, with our masks and the heat from our breath, their little faces will suffer. Here are a few ways to help your child’s chapping.

Petroleum Jelly — Rubbing petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, on your child’s chapped areas before bed can help soothe the affected areas. Use a light application and gently rub on their lips and nose.

Moisturizing Lotion — Apply a light barrier of moisturizing lotion in the morning before your child puts on their mask for the day and in the evening before bed. Opt for unscented, child-specific products for the best result.

As long as the weather is cold, chapping will happen. It can happen on a daily basis, so please protect your children’s skin, and yours too!