Youth Centre


The Levack/Onaping Youth Centre is located in the Onaping Community Centre.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

3:00 PM to 8 PM

Ages 10 to 18

Come and join us for various activities:


Air Hockey

Ping Pong


Video Games



Board Games


The Levack/Onaping Youth Centre reopened its doors in September with new faces and new ideas for the 2013/2014 year. Included is a new logo that has been designed for the centre by a member of the staff through ideas from youth that participate at the centre. The logo encompasses the centre’s motto ‘Lend A Hand’. The message is simply to help out however and whenever possible within the community. Many participants have been met with nothing but success and open arms with the new standard of operations. Helping Hands is the first initiative where a good deed towards others is rewarded with a handprint on the wall and their name entered into a monthly draw. The youth really enjoy being active in the community having their efforts recognized by a handprint for the public to see.

The theme of helping others continued into November and December along with the second and third initiatives that were put into motion with the first being, ‘Warm Hands Warm Hearts’.  Warm Hands Warm Hearts was designed to provide hats, mitts and winter clothing to youth throughout the Sudbury area. During November and December, the youth were encouraged to bring in any gently worn winter wear that they had outgrown or had no need for. A large amount of clothes were donated at the centre and brought in to the Samaritan Centre to be distributed from there. This was greatly appreciated and wouldn’t have been as successful as it was if it weren’t for those who helped out.

During the last two weeks of November, a group of youth went door to door in Onaping, singing carols in an effort to raise money for the Lion’s Club Christmas Telethon.  Youth wanted to  help bring holiday cheer to families and youth throughout the Sudbury community. The end result was two nights of caroling raising $167.40. Congratulations to all who participated in this deserving effort.  What was really interesting about this initiative is that our Youth Centre challenged all youth centres to see who could raise the most funds.  All together all 5 youth centres contributed over $1100.00.  Very exciting!!!

The latest initiative involved the youth helping at the ‘Rio Encore Theatre’ on Friday nights after the 6pm showings. Here youth assisted to clean up the centre and whatever assistance was needed by the volunteers that run the theatre.  Thank you again for all your help in our community.
Stay tuned to what the next youth initiatives are in our area!

Megan, Melissa, Kayla, Nicole

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